Inclusion Training With Brigid Moynahan, President, The Next Level, Inc.

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In a weakened economy, decreased resources produce stress. Devaluing behaviors, that are toxic to productivity, innovation and engagement, explode. Little Things Mean A Lot™ combats this problem with fresh, positive and proven approaches that put inclusion at the heart of performance.
  • Top-rated training design (94% of participants rate very good to excellent)
  • Designed by a leader in the field
  • Most comprehensive, innovative and professional package available on microinequities and micro-affirmations
  • Takes inclusion to the "next level"
    • Builds your business case
    • Offers tools and strategies participants put immediately to work
    • Flexible training designs for large scale roll-outs, team workshops and individuals
    • Special modules for executives and intact teams
    • Optional coaching and TTT
  • Proven impact: After a large corporate roll-out
    • 100% said they understood microinequities (v. 53% before)
    • 99% said they had inclusion strategies (v. 37% before)
Comprehensive, flexible training program includes:
  • 22-minute DVD designed for flexible use
  • Leader's Guide:
    • Agendas for 3-hour and 1-hour workshops;
    • Detailed delivery notes for intact and executive teams
  • Participant Handouts
  • 10 Pocket Reminder Cards*
  • PowerPoint Presentations

*Purchase additional packs of Pocket Reminder Cards at $15.95 for a pack of 10.

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