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MAPS - Managers Advanced Performance Series


MAPS™ - Managers Advanced Performance Series.
MAPS courseware is video-based, media-rich and highly interactive. Employees will enjoy the learning, complete the courses and apply the newly acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes in their jobs. Result - higher productivity, certified completion, and an outstanding ROI on your learning investment. 

MAPS courses are presented by or based on the work of todays' most prominent subject matter experts, authors and consultants.

MAPS courses are flexible and cost effective. They can be incorporated into your LMS or ours. And, you can license the course for the number of users and term you need. 

Price per learner starting at $6.00 each with 12-month license.  Special bundle and full library pricing available with unlimited 12-month termsHosting options available  -  our LMS with added LMS fees, or host courses on your LMS with minimum up-load fee.  Call for pricing. 



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Is It Bias? Making Diversity Work
Designed for employees, this program will provide participants with the knowledge and skill with which to identify bias within themselves and others, and gives them the tools to reduce bias and enhance employee's respectful behavior.

Bias Reduction: Taking It to the Next Step
Designed for all supervisors and managers, this program uses typical scenarios and effective narration to provide managers with specific skills and guidelines for responding effectively to the presence of bias in the workplace. 

Little Things Mean A Lot: From Microinequities to Micro Affirmations
Featuring commentary by Brigid Moynahan, Little Things Mean A Lot combats devaluing behaviors with fresh, positive and proven approaches that put inclusion at the heart of performance. 

The Four Styles - Featuring the work of Dr. Tony Alessandra
Learn about four communication styles, how to identify them, and how to work more effectively with those who have a style different from yours. 

A Real World Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Educate your new and existing employees on the basics of Sexual Harassment. Program includes sections on defining sexual harassment, the liability and impact, and policies and actions.

Managing Four Generations in the Workplace with Cam Marston
Generational expert Cam Marston's course teaches you how to manage this unique situation. His tips cover how to operate in the other generations' world and how to communicate across multiple generations. Learn what motivates each generation and what their values are.

Mixing Four Generations in the Workplace with Cam Marston 
Generational expert Cam Marston will educate and stimulate positive interaction among your people. It will also dramatically reduce workplace conflict and provide managers and supervisors with strategies for dealing with recruiting, retaining, and motivating, using the generational differences in a positive way.


Engaging, Interactive
MAPS™ e-Learning
MAPS™ features everything you need to lift your managers performance:
  • LCMS and complete technical support for hosting, scheduling, recording and reporting
  • Our LCMS or yours
  • Average one hour completion
  • Prominent Subject Matter Experts
  • Engaging video
  • Pre and post tests
  • Interactive exercises
  • Common navigation system
  • Branding and customization options
  • Mulitple Language options
  • Affordable per employee and group pricing
  • Flexible - suite or individual course selection

LMS Hosting
- Client may host SCORM AICC courses on their LMS, file transfer fee of $250 may apply.
- Any customization requirement, $100 per hour for technical support with a minimum 1 hour work.
- LMS hosting needed, Learning Communications can host on our platform.  Call for cost per learning fees in addition to course(s) cost.



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