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Mobile Video Performance Support Tool

What to say. How to say it. When you need it.

Management Coach is performance support for managers and front-line supervisors. In 5-minutes or less, managers learn how to solve 80% of workplace problems such as conflict, personal issues, and employee performance.


The Benefits Of Using Management Coach:

Increase Confidence

Talking with an employee about a difficult situation can be uncomfortable and stressful. What a relief to have a solid, instantly-available resource to show you what to say and what to do! You won't forget any important steps. And you'll be ready for your employee's questions. JITI Management Coach lets you perform at your best, even under stressful conditions.

Improve Effectiveness

All coaches drill their sporting teams on fundamentals because they all know the spectacular plays are rooted in them. Likewise, JITI Management Coach is based on the fundamentals of successful management. Management Coach provides only proven, tested-in-the-trenches solutions for solving the toughest people problems. So if you want to be great, don't wing it! Use this solid solutions-based tool and you WILL enjoy positive results.

Earn Respect

You earn respect by giving it. When your management team corrects and directs employees the JITI Management Coach way, you minimize bad feelings. Even if they don't like being corrected, your employees will have to admit you're being fair, and that's a key to respect in the workplace.

Build Trust

Trust is fostered by consistency. When everyone on your management team responds in the same even-handed, professional way to all issues - the way JITI Management Coach shows you - your employees will come to know you're fair almost all the time. ("almost" because nobody's perfect. Your employees know this too. So when they see your consistent effort, they'll give you an occasional "pass." You see, treating each other like human beings is one of the benefits of building respect and trust!)

Fewer Disciplinary Interventions

When your employees see you as respectful, trustworthy, fair and consistent, you foster a more satisfying workplace and a more comfortable atmosphere. The kind of enviroment where people want to work. When using JITI Management Coach, your employees will be less inclined to under-perform, snipe and back-stab. Instead, they'll do more to correct themselves. Want proof? Just think back to high school. Remember the teachers everybody slacked off for? And then the teachers everybody did their best for? Same kids. 180-degree different behavior just by walking into a different classroom. It's the same in the workplace. When managers are respected and trusted, people work harder for them.

Higher Productivity

It only makes sense. If you've created the right atmosphere - where your employees see you (1) helping people who need to improve their skills, and (2) not letting people get away with unhelpful behaviors – you remove many of the reasons operations get bogged down in the first place. So now, more of your people are working more productively for a greater period of time. What would that mean for your organization? Your department? Your career?

Quickly On-Board New Managers

Have you just promoted someone into a management position, or are you planning to? Don't throw your new hires into the fray without a lifeline! JITI Management Coach can help them avoid classic mistakes. Soon they'll be handling tough personnel issues like seasoned pros.

Lower Legal Risk

One of the fundamentals of good management is good documentation. JITI Management Coach always reminds you of what to record in every situation. You'll be ready to respond with accurate details anytime a decision is challenged.

The benefits of using JITI Management Coach are easy to see: it gives you and your organization more success when you need it... RIGHT NOW!

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Management Coach is made available through an annual license of unlimited use on multiple devices. Pricing starts at $49.95 per user, per year for full access. Discounts are available based on the number of users and duration of use. For example:

  • Up to 100 users = $49.95 each for 12 months of unlimited use.
  • 500 to 1000 users = $34.95 each for the first 12 months of unlimited use.
  • Add a second year and save 50%.

Call or email a Training Consultant to request a quote that's specific to your organization's needs!




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