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streaming plus

The StreamingPlus Library is a high-quality, video-based training program available at an affordable cost. Your employees can login and view programs anytime, anywhere. Our programs average less than 30 minutes each, so they’ll easily fit into your employees’ already busy work schedules.

The StreamingPlus courses are fully chaptered and include a post-test and certificate of completion. All of the courses include high impact video and most feature a prominent subject matter expert. These courses are designed for classroom use as well as online learning.

The StreamingPlus library is dynamic and key categories include diversity, inclusion, generations training, harassment prevention, communications skills, leadership, time management and many other important HR and management topics.


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Titles Include:

A Matter of Respect   Little Things Mean A Lot 
A Real World Guide to Diversity   Managing Conflict
A Real World Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment   Managing Four Generations in the Workplace 
Arbitration: The Seven Tests of Just Cause   Mixing Four Generations in the Workplace
Arbitration: Proof of the Matter   Mission Critical
Arbitration: The Truth of the Matter   Negotiations: Solving the Tough Problems
Building the Multicultural Team   Oops! Time for Service Recovery
Building the Virtual Team   Results Rule
Coaching Through Facilitation   Stress: You Are In Control 2
Creating the Respect Effect   Taking Control of Workplace Violence
Cross-Cultural Communication   The Four Styles
Cross-Cultural Understanding   The Plus of Us - Dynamic Diversity Training - Employees 
Cultural Awareness   The Plus of Us - Dynamic Diversity Training - for Supervisors
C.W. Metcalf LIVE!   The Plus of Us - Dynamic Diversity Training - Full Court Pres 
Dealing With Angry Customers   The Cuban Missile Crisis - A Case Study
Diversity Challenges - What Would You Do?   The 3 R's of Sustainability
Facilitate!   The Multicultural Customer
Getting A Good Start   The New Time of Your Life
Getting Along With Your Supervisor   The Virtual Office: Wherever Work Needs to Be
Getting to Yes   Threat Detector
Leadership Secrets of Gregory Goose   Time Management: Keeping the Monkey off Your Back
Intercultural Communications   Toxic Talk - What Would You Say?
International Negotiating   Twelve Angry Men
Is It Bias? Making Diversity Work    When the Going Gets Tough
Jack Cade's Nightmare I - The Nightmare   Workteams and the Wizard of Oz
Jack Cade's Nightmare II - Double Liability - Employee    
Jack Cade's Nightmare II - Double Liability - Supervisor    
Jack Cade's Nightmare III - Caught in the Crossfire    

Price per learner starting at $3.00 each with 12-month license.  Special bundle and full library pricing available with unlimited 12-month terms. Hosting options available  -  our LMS with added LMS fees, or host courses on your LMS with minimum up-load fee.  Call for pricing. 

Special Note: Additional charges, if needed, may include Technical Support at $200 an hour.

Please call your Learning Communications Account Manager for a demonstration - 800-622-3610 or preview at at our Online Learning Management System. Login and Click on Streaming Plus.

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