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Learning Communications offers many options for E-Learning - from comprehensive course to simple streamed video with testing. 

You can preview any of the programs below, just click on the links for more information.

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MAPS is a flexible, cost effective courseware that can be incorporated into your LMS or ours. Courses presented by or based on the work of today's' most prominent subject matter experts and include engaging video, pre and post tests and more. Click here for more information about MAPS.

StreamingPlus™ features more than 50 of our best sellers with bookmarking, post-tests, and certificates of completion. With our fully featured LMS, you have most of the features of e-learning at a much lower cost. Click here for more information about StreamingPlus.



Learning Communications offers


Sollah Interactive's eLearning programs are engaging, flexible courses that drive home key learning objectives. Based on award-winning programs, these programs are a cost-effective way to quickly tackle tough workplace issues.

Hundreds of courses on topics like, supervision, communications, respect, diversity, ethics, presentations, customer service, and more! 

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Based upon award-winning VisionPoint training content, these E-Learning courses use engaging and high quality video to drive home key learning objectives. Flexible implementation - our LMS or a SCORM/AICC package delivered to your LMS. Click here to go to TAG.

Also available through TAG - a library of ready-to-use, high-quality, full-length videos, video vignettes, and print materials that you can download to create your own customized training. Search, preview, organize and download assets to develop training on a wide range of workplace topics. Burn to DVD, add to PowerPoint presentations, stream from your LMS, or build an e-Learning course. With TAD™, you get the best of both worlds: award-winning training assets with the rights to edit, customize and repurpose. Click here for more information about TAG




Best-selling Videos Now Available as E-Learning Courses

In business, continuous learning is imperative to success. These courses include the most up-to-date information along with tips and strategies that can be applied on the job. Give your team the education they need to be both proficient and efficient without incurring the cost of expensive travel or guest speakers. Click here for more information.





MLI’s Online Business Learning (OBL) offers flexible streaming access to some of the best workplace training videos available, including American Media Classics and the work of Dr. Paul Green. 

Let your employees learn when, where and how they want to. Stream high quality video courses to their desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Use the full featured LMS to deliver interactive training for the price of the content alone. Integrate the content into your own LMS or even into your existing Powerpoint Presentation. Let us show you how affordable online learning has become with highly competitive rates for both classroom and individual licenses.  Click here for more information.

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Sex, Religion and Beyond 

Covering sexual harassment and other forms of harassment, our award-winning online E-Learning course is an easy-to-manage, comprehensive tool for meeting harassment training requirements.

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OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts Online Learning is a 30-minute individual self-paced, guided E-Learning program based on the ground-breaking OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts video.

This powerful program enables learners to explore communication skills for promoting inclusion and respect in the workplace.Click here for more information about this program.






JITI - Management Coach answers your stickiest problems - delivered When, Where and How you need them.  It combines video and text to deepen the learning. Why? Because it engages more parts of your brain in the process.

See how to solve your toughest problems in just 5 minutes! Click here to learn more about JITI Management Coach.

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