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With 60% of HR, management, compliance, harassment prevention, diversity/inclusion and generations training still being conducted in classrooms around the world, we're proud of our reputation as one of the top single source providers of DVD learning resources. For twelve years we've been producing, assembling and marketing over 1000 DVD's of the best videos available from the top authors and thought leaders.

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Our growing collection includes award-winning programs in over fifty categories with special emphasis on diversity, inclusion, generations, harassment prevention and building a respectful workplace.

We make extensive use of subject matter experts in our programs. Our thought leaders are just that - leaders in developing and presenting ideas, concepts and policies that make up the cornerstones of your corporate culture. 

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Not sure what you need?  Call us for help in selecting the right programs for your next classroom session, or for designing a complete blended solution for your needs. 800-622-3610 


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